KeepassXC snap: "copy URL" keyboard shortcut not working

Hi all! I’ve been using the KeepassXC snap for a while now and I’m quite satisfied with it.
During this time I found out that, even thought the “standard” keyboard shortcuts are working (Ctrl+B to copy the Username and Ctrl+C to copy the password), the keyboard shortcut to copy the URL (Ctrl+Alt+U) is not.
I couldn’t find any error in any log regarding this, so I thought that I would ask here: Is it a snapd problem?


Weird, I’ve just installed this snap and CTRL+ALT+U works here (I’ve tested in GNOME3). Perhaps your desktop environment intercepts this shortcut for something else?

Yeah, really weird…I’ve checked if the shortcut is being intercepted but could not find it declared in any configuration: I’ve checked in CompizConfig Settings Manager and in the shortcuts tab of the keyboard configuration.

I’ve also just noticed that the Ctrl+V combination doesn’t work either (it works when the option is clicked).
I forgot to give details about my configuration:

  • Ubuntu 16.04.2
  • Kernel Linux 4.8.0-46-generic
  • Unity 7.4