Kde-neon autoconnect

I’m building a snap based on the kde content snap.
Can it or the soon to arrive kde-neon extension be set to auto-connect?
It’s a bit complex to ask users to install and connect the content snap.

Autoconnection is granted on a per-snap basis so you need to ask permission for the client app specifically …

Thanks for the reply
Is the gnome content snap not automatically connected by default?
If I add the gnome content plug (or the new gnome extension) it automatically gets downloaded and connected.
Should it not be the same for the kde content snap?

hmm, perhaps something has changed, but i think even the gnome content snaps auto-conncet because the apps have been set up for this … i added this post to the store category so it shows up in the right queue and the store team can comment…

Reading this I thought that the idea was that the gnome content snap autoconnected because it was considered safe.
So if I use it in a snap I don’t have to ask for an auto connect.
I have a snap that’s not yet in the store, and if I install locally it auto installs and auto connects the gnome interface.

IIUC, what was done for gnome content snap is a global snap-declaration allowing any snap to use default-provider: gnome-3-28-1804 in the plug and that would automatically install the gnome-3-28-1804 snap if one published a snap with that default-provider spec.

I think what’s being requested here is the same thing for the KDE libraries content snap.

Making the extension include this default-provider AIUI would be dependent on granting the default-provider auto connection.

Yes, that’s what I meant.
I had no idea that’s how it worked, but that’s the sense of it…
I was wondering if the default-provider was intended to have the same use in all the extensions.
Or at lease the “base” ones, like gnome, kde, …

I moved this to the #store-requests category in that case

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While this is true, as @ijohnson points out, the publisher of the content providing snap can also request a global connection. The publisher can follow the process as described here: Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks (perhaps reading the thread starting here for additional context).

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Can you request auto-connection for the kde-frameworks-5-core18 content snap so that apps using the upcoming neon extension work out of the box?

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