KDE integration & xdg-desktop-portal

This topic is about the KDE integration and making sure that KDE applications have consistent looks with themes and fonts that match the system settings. This will ensure a smooth experience for users whereby all their KDE applications (including snaps) look and behave the same way.

Currently xdg-desktop-portal is not being SRU’d with snapd. This means that unless the latest release gets SRU’d to 18.04/16.04, the users on those systems will not benefit from the new Settings portal and not have applications as neatly integrated.

What’s the best way to move this forward?

@willcooke @kenvandine @sitter, for your visibility and input.

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I’ve posted some notes about Gtk app themes under KDE. Some issues there too.

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SRUing the portals I would imagine? The problem of getting theme-setttings-into-confinement is solved by the Settings portal, it’s just that Ubuntu LTS isn’t supporting the portal because that’d need the new release SRU’d.

Which the SRU process supports, provided the rationale, QA, etc, etc warrant it is acceptable. Your pinging the desktop team is a good first step.

Sorry, I sounded a bit stand-offish there without intending it. My point merely is that this is solved on a code-level but needs dealing with on an integration/distribution level now.

This probably also extends beyond Ubuntu even. It may be wise to ask other distributions as well to come up with a plan for xdg-desktop-portals to enable proper integration of snapped applications (or really any confined application) after their respective distro releases. I am not sure all big players have given the post-release “enablement” of portals enough thought yet.