KDE: Global autoconnect request kf5-5-110-qt-5-15-11-core22

Yes, I know, “but I just approved one of these”, a new Qt was released the next day and I have a new content pack tested and ready to go.

kf5-5-110-qt-5-15-11-core22. Thank you for your consideration. Scarlett


Given we fast-tracked the previous revision of this just the other day I have gone ahead and granted this auto-connect immediately. It is now live.

@dclane I was discussing with @sgmoore about this. My point is, instead of a content snap with every new KDE release, why can’t we have one single kde content snap for every single core, updated everyday? This would obviously make problems with the extension itself. When we use gnome extension, a lot of things, from the plug to the content snap to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PKG_CONFIG_PATH and all others are automatically set. But, this can’t be done with the Kde Neon extension, as the content snap is constantly changing. I think this will make the process more difficult and complicated for not only snapcrafters but also upstream devs too.

Hey @soumyaDghosh, I’d have to defer to others on whether the approach you’re suggesting is appropriate or not. May I suggest making a proposal in one of the other forum categories to catch the attention of those with a stake in this? Perhaps snap or snapcraft.

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Okay. But, I think it’s better if the discussion is started by @sgmoore. The KDE content snap needs to align with gnome, else, we can’t have other platform independent content snaps.

Hi, sorry, I am not entirely clear what is being asked here. I cannot support < core22 as the way we have been doing our content snaps rely on KDE neon packages and when they upgrade bases ( currently on Jammy ) the packages for the prior release get archived. This made things like security updates and the like impossible. SO I am changing this approach with Kf6 and building from source using an external qt6 content pack.

I am not sure I understand what you’re proposing. Also, as @dclane suggested, this is not the right thread to have this discussion.

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