Kde-frameworks-core18 missing locales

Since the kde-frameworks is now becoming one of the supported extensions
I tried to use it, but I noticed that it is missing the locales in /snap/kde-frameworks-5-core18/current/usr/lib/locales.
The only subdirectory in that path is C.UTF-8/

The gnome content snap instead installs locales-all, and has all locales available.

I believe this is an issue, since it would require having the locales installed in the single snaps
I couldn’t find the source for the content snap available online, to contribute the change, so I decided to ask on the forum…

Hi @LyzardKing, what distro are you running the snap on? As for reporting this bug you could try reporting it in the core18 repo on the Snapcore GitHub.

The distro is ubuntu-mate 19.10
I can list the locale files in /snap/gnome-3-28-1804/current/usr/lib/locale/
But there are none in /snap/kde-frameworks-5-core18/current/usr/lib/locale/
Should the locales be in the core18 snap?