KDE content snap global request

We are updating to core22 and need global request for content snaps kde-frameworks-5-101-qt-5-15-7-core22 kde-frameworks-5-101-qt-5-15-7-core22-sd

Thanks, Scarlett

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@store Just bumping this in case this fell off the radar.

+1 from me for the requested global auto-connects, since this is a well-established pattern.

We have now updated to kde-frameworks-5-102-qt-5-15-8-core22 and kde-frameworks-5-102-qt-5-15-8-core22-sd Please use the new version for this global request. Thanks


Can other @reviewers please vote?

+1 from me as well, an established (and essential) pattern :slight_smile:

+1; I would encourage a way to see if we can auto-approve these for the same publisher, but that is a policy discussion we might want to have.

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+3 votes for, 0 votes against, granting global auto-connect of the content slots for the kde-frameworks-5-102-qt-5-15-8-core22 snap. Note currently the kde-frameworks-5-102-qt-5-15-8-core22-sd snap does not have any content slots declared so this has not been granted anything for that snap.