Julia snap doesn't work with Atom when using Juno, so I raised an issue on Github, eventually devs are now suggesting don't install Julia snap

First understand my intentions:
I don’t intend to cause controversy.

What did I try to do:
Juno is a IDE for using Julia with Atom. I realized that if you install Julia snap, it is not possible to use Juno with Atom. Julia doesn’t work there. So I raised an issue with Juno (quite a while back).
I don’t know how, eventually now devs are suggesting here don’t use Julia snap or suggesting a complex workaround which normal people would not try to do. (Scroll all the way down and read Using the Atom snap distribution for Juno.)

I’m posting this here as I don’t have the technical know how to take the issue/conversation further and was hoping someone here who has more expertise with snap can take this further.

It’s important if you want to really further snap acceptance.

This is a known limitation with Classic Snaps currently. You can find the gory in-depth details about the issue, and mark yourself as affected, at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snapd/+bug/1849753

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I’m not on launch pad, and I don’t have the technical expertise to write something there correctly. Would it be too much trouble to ask you to mention there regarding Julia and Juno instead?