Journey snap not launching after first time


Ubuntu 19.04, snapd 2.40+19.04, snap ‘journey’ 2.13.1

The journey snap stopped working for me a release or three ago (sorry, I did not report it, figured I did something). If I remove the snap, then reinstall it, I can get it to work once, then when I try to restart it, it exits with an error code value of 1, with no output. I see nothing in the system logs, journalctl, or dmesg.

I thought it might be my WM (i3), but I can reproduce it under GNOME, and I have reproduced it on two machines, both Ubuntu 19.04.

Pointers to any snap debugging guides or suggestions on what to look for would be great.

Hi @duckunix, This help you out Debugging snap startup performance issues. If the problem persists you could try reaching out to the developer because they might need to update the snap.

I can’t reproduce the failure but I haven’t got an account with the service, so didn’t go beyond the start screen.

You should be on snapd 2.42, now, not 2.40. Run snap version to check what your system is running (it might be helpful to others for you to post the full output here, too).

Hello, @lucyllewy. I am on snapd 2.42. When I originally posted, 2.40 was the current version.

@miker256 thanks for trying. Yeah, it seems to be something with the reauth process after the initial session. I will attempt to track down a contact at the vendor to send a request for, but their web site did not make it apparent where to send requests for help.

Thanks for the support, all!