Issues seeding on a bunch of servers

We’ve been using Snap on our AlmaLinux (EL 8) servers for a while to install/manage certbot, and all has been going well until recently. We’re seeing a 429 Too Many Requests error on this endpoint that causes the seeding to stop: /api/v1/snaps/names?confinement=strict%2Cclassic

I also tried from a server we never attempted seeding on before, and the same error is present (different IP altogether as well).

Any fixes for this? It was seeding/working/installing not too long ago.

I moved this to the store category, but do you still see the same issue ?

Sorry for the delay in my response, I just saw this.

I did get this fixed, but only after creating our own SELinux policy. I guess something within SELinux was blocking it, but for some reason it wasn’t reporting to /var/log/audit/audit.log.