Issue with uploaded images and timeout issue when saving Snap

When updating our Snap on the website, we managed to update our logo and description, etc fine, except from the images / screenshots, first time round was fine, but we we tried to remove some images to replace them with others we then had an issue uploading which this gave a 504 timeout error, went back to re-submit and ended up with same issue, went back to main account then into the Snap, and we now have loads of screenshots / images.

We’d like all of the images to be deleted / removed so we can re-attempt this with the 5 images that we’d like to use.

Our Snap can be found here:


Sorry you’re having issues with managing screenshots on the store. Whilst we look into this more deeply can you please try using the dashboard to remove the errant screenshots? i.e.

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Thanks that links works perfectly, managed to sort this now!