Issue with discord snap in Arch

What’s the best way forward here?

  • Keep kindly requesting the TU update the package?
  • Request another TU with more time take over the snap* packages?
  • Have @zyga-snapd or someone else on the team apply to be a TU for the snap* packages in Arch?

Seems the first is where we are now, and the TU in question is updating other packages, but doesn’t have time to update the snap ones. Is there anything we can do to help them land these changes with less effort on their part?

The second seems rude if the first TU is still active, but with no updates for a couple of months it’s not unreasonable to ask.

I asked in #archlinux about any TUs willing to help and got some non-optimistic replies:

jelle zyga-suse: I know you told me that yesterday
snap is however something I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole

According to the rules

Special Removal of an Inactive TU

A TU who has not done ANY of the following for a period of at least 2 months:

-   added, removed or updated a package in [community] or the AUR
-   performed any action that required TU privileges on the AUR>
-   posted a message to aur-general

OR who has not voted in a consecutive series of voting periods, the starting dates of which span 2 months or more, shall be brought up for special removal due to inactivity.

In this special case, the motion may be made by one TU instead of two, and SVP is followed by a discussion period of 3 days, a quorum of 66%, and a voting period of 5 days.

The current maintainer of snapd is close to being inactive. Still this requires a motion to remove him and another motion to do something with individual packages. I honestly believe Timothy is just busy and is still acting in good faith. As far as I know there’s no way to transfer a package from one TU to another.

What if we can update snapd from snap?

that is exactly what we do on distros that support it … snapd is used from inside the core snap if the version in core is newer than the one installed by the distro package… (but i think arch isnt in the list of capable distros for re-exec into core (someone may correct me if i’m wrong))

That’s right. Eventually Arch will be supported but there are a few more technical issues I need to solve. Fortunately it’s all going in the right direction and we have no known blockers apart from just more time on hacking.

I am facing another problem with discord snap.

When i click any website link on discord it doesn’t redirect it to chromium or any other default browser i am using.

And second Screencast isn’t working. When i click on screencast discord just restart.

This is now fixed in master and will start to work with snapd 2.28. The issue is that we were working on a longer term support for opening URLs from snapped applications and we changed our approach. That patch has been merged now but it’s not yet in any stable release. Please stay tuned.

@zyga-snapd Thanks!!! will be looking forward to it :smiley: