Issue: Executing a snap binary from the Node snap distribution

I am cross-posting this here since it may be a Snap issue and not a Node one.

This issue appears to prevent the VSCode snap from working correctly for me (wrt extensions). Related downstream issues:

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It looks like here the classic snap code is trying to execute a classic snap node and failing, correct?

If so, then this seems to be a duplicate of Snapd 2.32 breaks live-server installer. I seem to recall @jdstrand saying he had an idea on how to solve this kind of issue some clever way (hopefully not too clever :wink:). Am I remembering correctly?

In the example, classic snap node cannot execute snap hello. In my real world example, classic snap code (powered by Node) cannot execute classic snap go.

Is there a Snapcraft issue filed on GitHub or Launchpad that I can follow?

Yeah, I think you are right @ijohnson

@Jayschwa if I understood right back in the day, it would be more an Apparmor issue, but @jdstrand knows for sure.

I commented in the upstream node bug that this is I also updated and added a comment to 1835805 for it.

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