Is there any APIs for the build service?

I would like to trigger snap rebuild from a cron job on my machine(for automatic rebuild, etc.), is it possible?

This exists.

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I’ve used lp-build-snap before, but it’s only for snaps that have been configured directly in launchpad, as opposed to via the /build page on It is super useful if you have configured them that way though, and gives you the flexibility you may need.

@toto may know if there’s any plans to expose the /build page over some kind of API. I don’t know.

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I don’t think entire /build page API is needed, just an easy way to “Trigger new build”. That could be implemented trough snapcraft command that should already have users credentials and list of snaps.

if [[ new-release ]]; then
    snapcraft trigger <snap-name>
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Re-ping @toto as I’d really craving something that can improve the situation.

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hey @Lin-Buo-Ren ,

Sorry I must have missed the ping here.
So doesn’t provides API for this. We actually use launchpad API’s to trigger new builds. I think for now this might be your best approach.