Is there an interface for connecting PAM modules?


I want to use a BLE device as an auth token for my computer. I found this awesome project which looks promising.

As always, I’m looking for ways to create a snap out of it instead of manually installing it. :slight_smile: Is this possible? Can I edit my PAM configuration to work with a snap?

I think this is probably out of scope for snaps.

A PAM module is a shared library that is loaded by various privileged programs like login, passwd, sshd, graphical display managers, etc. As they run within the same process as those components, they need to be compatible with whatever libraries those components link against: they can’t just rely on libraries provided by a base snap.

Further more, as code running in the context of system components they can’t meaningfully be sand boxed to protect the host system.

With the security and cross-distro compatibility benefits removed, it’s not clear there’s much benefit to trying to fit this into snap packaging.

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