Is the collaboration via snap store possible at this time?

I just tried it for the ttimer snap with:

The result is a 404 page:

This page does not exist.
Well, obviously this page exists. But the page you requested does not exist. This page is just here to tell you that the page you requested does not exist.

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Is the collaboration via snap store not possible in the moment?
When will it be possible?

Normally it is (and we use it for a lot of packages), this sounds like you are hitting a bug…

Edit: actually … the link should end in “collaboration” not “collaborate”…

Hi @ogra!
It is the (copied) link the store sent via email.

But keep in mind that I have only one “Ubuntu One account”.
That means, I used an unverified email to create the collaboration request and I have to use my data at the collaboration login. (So it is not the usual way.)

Is there a (verified) dummy account to test this part?

Ah, you didnt say you were receiving a mail, i thought you wanted to share the snap with some other developer…
(havent seen the content of such a mail in a while)

Indeed you can only share with other valid UbuntuOne accounts since the collaborating user needs to authenticate to be able to upload to the store and manage the package.

That said, i think a 404 page is really not how we should error out in this case … but thats up to a store person to answer …

When a snap’s author sends a collaboration invite to someone’s email, a few checks are performed, and if some of those fail you’ll get a 404.

The recipient needs an SSO account with the e-mail address to which the invite was sent, and that address must be verified, and of course, an invite must exist. If there’re no invites for that snap for an SSO account with the verified recipient’s e-mail address, that’s when you get a 404.

Okay, many thanks for that.
Is there a way to test it before inviting a real person?

Is there a graded access provided? Or does it mean ‘All or nothing’?


I was able to sent an invite to a not verified email. I think, to give a warning here would be better than a 404 page later without naming the causing problem.