Is 'reverted' snap still a 'refreshable' snap


It has been noticed that a snap that has been reverted to the previous revision is not listed as a ‘refreshable’ snap using the snapd API namely the: /find?select=refresh endpoint.

Could you please clarify if the snap that has been reverted should be still listed in the results or not.

Thanks in advance!

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I suspect the snap isn’t showing as refreshable because when reverting snapd will mark the version you reverted from as blacklisted. If the snap gets a new release later than the blacklisted on I would expect that the api will report it as refreshable again. When this occurs you’ll skip the bad version and jump straight over it to a newer release.

It is assumed that you revert a snap because it failed in some way or is otherwise broken or undesirable, so snapd refuses to automatically reinstall that version. I believe you can install a previously reverted revision anyway by using the --revision=<number> argument.

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Thank you very much for your explanations