Is it possible to merge directories from multiple content snaps without incrementing directory names?

The content interface documentation says:

When multiple slots are connected to the same plug and they share directories with the same name, those directories are given unique names with the following pattern: <directory> , <directory>-2 , <directory>-3 , <directory>-x . The names of shared directories with unique names are retained, as defined by the slot.

Is it possible to disable the generation of unique names and merge the directories with overlapping names?

For the argos-translate snap ( I have a plug that connects to a content snap that provide a packages directory with packages in it. I would like to be able to connect to multiple content snaps and have their packages merged in the packages directory without incrementing. Is this possible or should I just work around the unique directory names?

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Update: I worked around it (, and Iā€™m assuming this is not something you can do.

No this is not currently configurable