Is it possible to know a name is reserved or registered by someone?

According to the following quote at Fork-and-rename-me: What to do when the “preferred upstream name” is already taken? - store -

Snap names can be either be registered by a real user or reserved as it is a known application name, is it possible to know which one is the case? And is it possible to reveal the registar of the certain snap name?

Hi Lin-Buo-Ren

I’ll jump in here if this hasn’t been answered.

You can’t see who has registered a name you are trying to own, but you can use to file a dispute. The store team may then grant you ownership of the name, ask for more information, or reject your dispute.

Hope that clears that up for you!

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Is it possible to know a name is reserved instead of taken by someone else?

Yes, we do distinguish:


‘SNAPNAME’ is a reserved name.

Already owned:

Another publisher already registered SNAPNAME. You can file a dispute to request a transfer of ownership or register a new name below.

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