Is core20 officially available?

I see Snapcraft docs already cites core20 as being available, but I can’t seem to find it listed in snap search core20 (although it shows in snap info core20). Also, snapcraft extensions doesn’t list any compatible with it.

$ snapcraft extensions
Extension name    Supported bases
----------------  -----------------
gnome-3-28        core18
gnome-3-34        core18
kde-neon          core18

$ snapcraft --version
snapcraft, version 4.0.5

So, questions are:

  1. Is core20 a final product, officially available or still a WIP?
  2. If official, how to use extensions with it? Or should we rely on good old desktop-helpers?
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i think base snaps (core, core18, core20) are excluded from snap find but you can still use snap info:

$ snap info core20
name:      core20
summary:   Runtime environment based on Ubuntu 20.04
publisher: Canonical✓
license:   unset
description: |
  The base snap based on the Ubuntu 20.04 release.
type:    base
snap-id: DLqre5XGLbDqg9jPtiAhRRjDuPVa5X1q
  latest/stable:    20 2020-05-07 (634) 63MB -
  latest/candidate: 20 2020-05-07 (634) 63MB -
  latest/beta:      20 2020-05-27 (696) 63MB -
  latest/edge:      20 2020-06-16 (717) 63MB -

Regarding the base snap specifically, core20 is considered stable at this point and you can safely build snaps against it. Ubuntu Core 20, which is based off of core20, has recently entered a beta stage and so as such we expect it to not change, but we may encounter bugs with Ubuntu Core 20 that require small changes to the core20 snap, but none of these will be breaking changes for snaps built off of core20.


Extensions require migration and those are yet not available as the teams need to create their content/platform snaps based out of the recently released core20 base.

Hhhuuummmm… They show up here:

$ snap find core | tail -n+2 | grep ^core
core                                 16-2.45                     canonical*           core     snapd runtime environment
core18                               20200427                    canonical*           base     Runtime environment based on Ubuntu 18.04
core16                               16-20190110                 canonical*           base     core16 runtime environment

And it’s not because they’re installed, since core16 isn’t.

snap list | tail -n+2 | grep ^core
core                             16-2.45                     9289   latest/stable    canonical*                core
core18                           20200427                    1754   latest/stable    canonical*                base

Would be great if they could release these new versions soon. Snapping an app that uses GNOME extensions and releasing it under core18 “feels old”, since Ubuntu 20.04 is out. Guess i’ll have to wait 'till new extensions is done - or fallback to desktop-helpers, right? Is that the way (not an expert snapper, for sure) ?