Is auto-refresh reliable ?

Another refresh and this time snapd did absolutely nothing even thought there are three snaps to update.

snap refresh --time
timer: 00:00~24:00/4
last: today at 00:38 CEST
next: today at 06:54 CEST
snap refresh --list
Name        Version         Rev   Size   Publisher   Notes
chromium    124.0.6367.155  2846  169MB  canonical✓  -
firefox     126.0b9-1       4246  284MB  mozilla✓    -
snap-store  0+git.eb04cf4   1139  10MB   canonical✓  -

You mean a manual snap refresh ?

Btw, a snapd update has been pushed recently. Now I have :

$ snap version
snap    2.62+23.10
snapd   2.62+23.10
series  16
ubuntu  23.10
kernel  6.5.0-28-generic

I guess that version is specific to 23.10, but maybe other specific versions have been pushed for other distro versions…

No manual refresh would update all snaps that have update available.

The stable version of snapd is 2.62

snap info snapd

tracking:     latest/edge
refresh-date: yesterday at 22:47 CEST
  latest/stable:    2.62                 2024-04-16 (21465) 40MB -
  latest/candidate: 2.62                 2024-04-08 (21465) 40MB -
  latest/beta:      2.63                 2024-04-24 (21759) 40MB -
  latest/edge:      2.63+git156.g1b035da 2024-05-10 (21871) 40MB -
installed:          2.63+git156.g1b035da            (21871) 40MB snapd

Yeah I have that too :

tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: 16 days ago, at 13:51 CEST
  latest/stable:    2.62                 2024-04-16 (21465) 40MB -
  latest/candidate: 2.62                 2024-04-08 (21465) 40MB -
  latest/beta:      2.63                 2024-04-24 (21759) 40MB -
  latest/edge:      2.63+git158.g1692d3a 2024-05-10 (21876) 40MB -
installed:          2.62                            (21465) 40MB snapd

But nevertheless, I recently got an update through update-notifier, not the snap system, that required me to reboot, and since then my snap version has changed to what I posted previously.

I have the same problem on Kubuntu 24.04 (and I had the problem also on Kubuntu 23.10). Snap Firefox doesn’t automatically update. Journalctl shows "storehelpers.go:923: cannot refresh: snap has no updates available: “bare”, “core22”, “firefox” etc etc. “Snap list” shows a tick next to Firefox to show it is on the latest version but it isn’t (it’s 125.0.2 but the latest version is 126.0-2).

Just as I thought my snaps weren’t auto-updating, I got a message to say that Firefox needs to be closed so it can be updated! I closed it, waited a minute and got a completion message. Now it’s on the latest version. So my snaps do update fine. Thanks everyone, I’ll be a bit more patient next time!

I doubt waiting more than two weeks for an update should be considered patient, but rather ready to test how far is goes in its failure to auto-update. It seems that the snaps ultimately auto-refresh at some point in time, but who knows when ? I’m still at 125.0.2-1, but I’m confident it will auto-refresh somewhere in the future… yeah.

The tarball is coming near !

PS : The tick near the editor name doesn’t mean the snap is up to date, it means the editor is a verified one.

My Firefox is still at the same version as in my previous post 126.0b9-1.

Last update was 12 days ago and in the meantime the beta version did go up a number to 127.

snap info firefox 

tracking:     latest/beta
refresh-date: 12 days ago, at 12:11 CEST
  latest/stable:    126.0-2       2024-05-14 (4259) 283MB -
  latest/candidate: 126.0-2       2024-05-10 (4259) 283MB -
  latest/beta:      127.0b3-1     2024-05-17 (4295) 283MB -
  latest/edge:      128.0a1       2024-05-17 (4293) 301MB -
  esr/stable:       115.11.0esr-1 2024-05-14 (4244) 257MB -
  esr/candidate:    115.11.0esr-1 2024-05-06 (4244) 257MB -
  esr/beta:         ↑                                     
  esr/edge:         ↑                                     
installed:          126.0b9-1                (4234) 284MB -

Btw, does anyone know what the “Updating snaps” message means, at the end of a standard (APT) GUI system update on Ubuntu ? Because well, it seems to do absolutely nothing.

Yeah, finally my firefox auto refreshed today to ver.126. 6 days later after mozilla pushed to stable channel.