Is "authority-delegation" a valid assertion type?

Was testing various incantations of “snap known” against different assertion types and, even though asserts.go seems to claim that “authority-delegation” is a recognized assertion type, what I get is:

$ snap known authority-delegation
error: invalid assert type: "authority-delegation"

Perhaps for that assertion type I need to supply more arguments to make it a valid query, but that error message just claims that that is not a valid type.

Thoughts? All other assertion types either return content or null.

Are you using a snapd from edge? Authority delegation bits are only now landing in master, so this won’t work on any of 2.54.* releases (stable/beta/candidate), only edge which is a snapshot of the master branch.

Ah, that explains it, thanks.


Just to further clarify, authority-delegation is work-in-progress and while some bits landed in master (and snapd from edge), it’s not usable yet (there are a few PRs for it currently blocked, and work in the online store to do).