Internal error, please report: running "lxd.lxc" failed, lost data

internal error, please report: running "lxd.lxc" failed: cannot find installed snap "lxd" at revision 11437: missing file /snap/lxd/11437/meta/snap.yaml

Hello everyone,

Unbeknownst to me, snapd did not save lxd configuration on re-install when trying to fix this problem and I made the situation worst. When I was removing lxd, I noticed that snapd was backing up configuration, is there way for me to restore lxd to a working state from that backup or am I at lost cause here?

Distro: openSuSE Tumbleweed

I recovered from earlier snapd snapshot. With that said, is there anyway to recover from this more elegantly?

internal error, please report: running "<insert app here>" failed: cannot find installed snap "<insert app here>" at revision 11437: missing file <insert path here>/meta/snap.yaml

Lately, this error has become a common occurrence with different snaps. I’ve seen bug reports on this issue, [1] and [2], dating back since 2018. It appears the method to recover is a reboot? Is this necessary ?


Are you on kernel 5.2, in tumbleweed?

Note the bugs you linked (which are a single bug, as one is a dupe of the other) is marked as fixed.

Yes, 5.2.2-1-default, is that the problem?

For [2], I’m in the process of responding to the bug report to find out which version the fix will appear in as it doesn’t seem to me that the fix has been release. Or am I’m misinterpreting what’s going on here?

EDIT: I can’t login with my current credentials, so I’ll post pone my comment on the bug report for another time.

Yes, 5.2 has/had an issue with mount of loopback filesystems, unless it’s been built from -stable in the last week or so.

Read more in the forum or the launchpad bug report or kernel org (note some further fallout is ongoing).

in reply to your original question, snap saved will list the backups, and snap restore will restore them.

Yeah, from this doc

I’m a little behind on my updates, I’ll update and if the problem persists, I’ll open a openSuSE bug and link back to here.