Interface enhancement guidance


I’m creating a snap which includes the hwinfo utility. It requires quite a few plugs to enable it to function, and also to make the audit log noise as minimal as possible.

Although it’s basically functioning, I have a few stragglers in the audit log still. I would like to some extra paths to AppArmor profiles, and I am happy to create an MR, but the question is which interfaces. So am looking for initial suggestions.

File: /proc/ioports (read)
File: /proc/dma (read)
File: /proc/tty/driver/serial (read)
File: /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info (read)

I am thinking hardware-observe, but equally some of them could be argued to be system-observe.

Any thoughts ?


Cheers, Just

No response, so I have opted for a PR for additions to hardware-observe. I’ll see how that goes.

Cheers, Just

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