Installing snap on openSUSE

Just a heads up, I’ve proposed snapd 2.53.1 to the openSUSE repositories. Since Leap 15.3 has more recent packages, I have enabled AppArmor during the build. This means that once the package lands in the repository, the sudo systemctl enable --now snapd.apparmor step will apply to both Tumbleweed and 15.3+.

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I think we should tweak the instructions to provide first and foremost the commands for installation on Tumbleweed. That’s where we have most users, and I suspect folks often make a mistake of not replacing 15.3 with Tumbleed as the text below the command example states. Perhaps the paragraph does not stand out as much as it should, specially when viewed through Installing snap on openSUSE | Snapcraft documentation where it’s just gray on light gray, no admonition or anything like that.

Also, 15.3 is EOL, the current release if 15.5.

Given the above, perhaps we should have a separate paragraph for Tumbleweed and Leap, each with a header such that they stand out a little bit more. WDYT?

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That makes complete sense, yes - I think you’re right, and having two separate paragraphs is a good idea too. I’ll fix the text.

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