Installing a snap breaks wireplumber (pipewire) on Fedora 35

After installing / removing a snap on Fedora 35 KDE, I have to kill wireplumber and restart it because my audio temporarily stops working. Any ideas?

Installing a snap may trigger a udev rule reload if the snap uses interfaces that provide access to devices, eg. opengl, audio and so on. In short, snapd generates udev rules that tag respective devices such that when the application starts, a device cgroup is set up allowing access to those devices only.

Now, since that is a udev, it will likely generate device evens that may confuse some apps. If you run udevadm trigger manually, does this stop the audio in wireplumber too?

Yes, I can reproduce the issue by running “sudo udevadm trigger”. I reported an issue here also

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Reproducible on Manjaro with PipeWire/Wireplumber.

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