Installed Qalculate with snap, but can't execute

I installed Qalculate in Elementary OS Loki, and it confirmed latest version of 2.6. Cannot find any way to launch the program. Help.

As a workaround, it should be possible to run a snap by running snap run _snap_name_ in the terminal.

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snapd adds /snap/bin to your PATH at install time, if you just installed snapd freshly, you should log out and back in again to have the new PATH entry in your session.

you should also be able to directly launch the snap from /snap/bin/<appname> beyond the “snap run” trick described above …

I do not know what is happening with the command sudo snap install qalculate. The application apparently installs, as can be seen with snap -list; However, when the qcalculate command is given, the response of ubuntu xenial 64 bits is: The program “qalculate” is not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt install qalculate-gtk

I have researched in the hierarchical file system within my computer and these are the results:
echo $PATH

hugo@hugo-MS-7978:~$ snap list
Name Version Rev Tracking Developer Notes
core 16-2.33 4830 stable canonical core
musescore 2.2.1 18 stable musescore -
qalculate 2.6.0b 52 stable h-k -
supercalc-snap 2.0 1 stable keshavnrj -
tldr master 162 stable agniva -

hugo@hugo-MS-7978:~$ sudo find / -type d -name musescore 2>/dev/null
sudo find / -type f -name musescore 2>/dev/null
[sudo] password for hugo:

hugo@hugo-MS-7978:~$ sudo find / -type d -name qalculate 2>/dev/null
sudo find / -type f -name qalculate 2>/dev/null

sudo find / -type d -name supercalc-snap 2>/dev/null
sudo find / -type f -name supercalc-snap 2>/dev/null

hugo@hugo-MS-7978:~$ sudo find / -type f -name ‘qalculate*’ 2>/dev/null

hugo@hugo-MS-7978:~$ sudo find / -type d -name snap 2>/dev/null

Try qalculate.qalculate-gtk

Thanks for your response, the command qalculate.qalculate-gtk does not work. In the list of files found by find, no executable is found, except a binary in: /snap/qalculate/52/share/locale/nl/LC_MESSAGES/, / snap / qalculate / 52 / share /locale/sv/LC_MESSAGES/ I have investigated what type of file is the one with a .mo extension and the answer I find is: “Binary data file that contains object data referenced by a program; typically used to translate program code; may be loaded or imported into the GNU gettext program.”

ogra@acheron:~$ sudo snap install qalculate
[sudo] Passwort für ogra: 
qalculate 2.6.0b from 'h-k' installed
ogra@acheron:~$ ls /snap/bin/qalculate*
/snap/bin/qalculate.gnuplot  /snap/bin/qalculate.gtk  /snap/bin/qalculate.qalc

running qalculate.gtk or /snap/bin/qalculate.gtk works just fine here with this snap installed…