Installation stuck at AMF:only 247/256 slides are useable

how can i fix that? Or do i just have to wait ages?

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Can you provide more context about the problem? Is this related to Ubuntu Core or a particular snap?

Its for the snap sosumi when i try to download Macos

can this help somehow? qemu-system-x86_64: Slirp: Failed to send packet, ret: -1

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I’ve moved this topic to ‘snap’ category. I suggest you file a bug report directly with the snap publisher. However, given that there has been a number of topics reporting things not working in this snap, perhaps it’s simply unmaintained and should be unlisted.

I am having the same issue: qemu-img info macos.qcow2
image: macos.qcow2 file format: qcow2 virtual size: 200G (214748364800 bytes) disk size: 200K cluster_size: 65536 Format specific information: compat: 1.1 lazy refcounts: false refcount bits: 16 corrupt: false

And in launch -m 8G
-smp 4,cores=6 \

It happened the same to me, i changed the number of CPU cores in snap/sosumi/common/launch and it worked.

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