Installation of Chromium fails on Lubuntu 20

I have been using Lubuntu for most of my life and i have also been using Chromium for most of my life and i have NEVER had any problem with the installation of Chromium until today when all the snap trouble started.

It used to be just one line:
sudo apt install chromium-browser

And that has worked for all of my life until today.

Somebody broke it by adding snap and it simply stops working, the installer hangs on the sentence:

2020-04-24T16:08:43 INFO Waiting for restart...

It was perfect, and now it’s broken.
I wonder why people mess with something up to the point where it stops working.
Maybe i am in the wrong place and i should be posting on the Ubuntu forum instead, but to me this snap is the real culprit and i surely hate it already without ever using it.
If it doesn’t run out of the box then its crap.

I do not know what to do.
My newly smooth Linux installation is now broken and i have to start over again.
I do not want to use Mozilla i want to use Chromium and i want to use Chromium without snap and i will never touch anything snap related for the rest of my life i can tell you that much.

There’s no need to be so emotional about a bug. Bugs and regressions happen, that’s software.

You seem to be strong-minded about snaps, but if you’re willing to help us help you, a good place to start is a bug report. Please run the following command in a terminal:

ubuntu-bug chromium-browser
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@Rotkop, how did you (are trying to) install chromium? I just did sudo snap install chromium and it installed fine and working OK. Of course, I tested on LinuxMint, not on Lubuntu but that should not be any different.