Install Snapd on Linux distro NOT listed

New user who wants to install snapd on a Linux distro not listed in ‘distros with snap pre-installed’ list, or ‘distros without snap pre-installed’ list, on the Tutorials page under “Install the daemon” section. Specifically, I’d like to install ‘snapd’ in a NixOS build I’m working on. Thanks for your guidance!

For those interested, found potential solution at:

Don’t know if this works yet. Aside, the same issue about “Flatpaks” seems to have resolved. There is a good discussion in the NixOS forum that dives deep. For developers more skilled than me, here is a Gold Merit-Badge opportunity, if you hook-up with a NixOS dev, maybe you can extend the reach of Snap to provide packages that are only in your repository, and much desired by NixOS users! An example is Spotify, only Snap has a stable version. Thanks for digging in.