Install Nextcloud on Ubuntu

try this:

$ sudo mv /var/lib/snapd/state.json /var/lib/snapd/state.json-bak
$ sudo systemctl start snapd

then check again if snapd started …

When I use the first one it says: mv: cannot stat '/var/lib/snapd/state.json': No such file or directory

and the second one ? (IIRC it should actually create a new state file when snapd starts)

The 2nd doesn’t produce any code, terminal just goes back to: [...] $

yes, that is expected when you start a service, is snapd running now ?

Yes, Nextcloud’s snap installed and I had my webserver(Reddit set-up post link) load. Although I only got the ‘Welcome’ page without a gear icon to configure it then I installed nginx and prerequisites and now I am unable to even connect to my webserver(even after uninstalling nginx). LOL.

Where do I go now?

remove ngnix and all the other stuff again, the snap ships everything needed inside … the creation of the databases takes a bit which is most likely why it takes a bit for the gear icon to appear after first start/install …

I put remove in the first and last commands in the Ubuntu commands tried - the top one removed some programs including Firefox, though I installed it again and still had all settings, tabs-open, logins active ect.
I am at the point where I should have my dot-local page work, as i followed the reddit link again but it won’t load.

you mean if you type the IP (or hostname) of your server into the browser it does not get you to the nextcloud frontpage to set up a user and password ?

Exactly although my browser uses a search engine when I enter the IP.