Inkscape 1.0rc1, several extentions do not run because lxml not found

When you install Inkscape RC1,

sudo apt install inkscape --channel=latest/candidate

and try to run an extension, you get an error that lxml is not found.
Looking into /snap/lxml/..., you can see that there is a Python 2 lxml.
Most likely it is an issue that it requires a Python 3 lxml.

Cool, thanks for reporting. I’ve updated the snap configuration to switch lxml and some other Python libs over to Python 3. I’ve got some other changes I’m working on in the packaging, but I’ll get the update out shortly.


I am tracking latest/candidate (2020-04-23) and I check with find /snap/inkscape/ -name "*lxml*".
It still shows that lxml is under the python2.7 directory, so I suspect it will take a bit more to appear.

Should be available in 7566 (or later):

latest/candidate: 1.0rc1-856443724e-2020-04-28 2020-04-28 (7566) 148MB -

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Thanks! I tried the updated Inkscape and the plugins now work.