In progress: snapd 2.24

What sort of problem is the current release tarball creating? It already includes the vendor/ directory, which means you don’t need to hand craft it and can already use that tree in CentOS. For cases you really don’t want the vendor/ tree – which may create issues due to version drift – you can just delete it.

See the 2.23.6 release details: Released: snapd 2.23.6

@mvo Would be good to have @pstolowski’s 3070 in as well, being discussed here.

For one, patches don’t cleanly apply to the regular release tarball, due to missing Git files. This may hopefully become less of a problem in the future, but for now, it’s an issue.

Thanks for your input! I marked all branches as 2.24, they are all very close AFAICT.

Hey! Shouldn’t this post be in the “Release” category?

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@ara I went back and forth on that. Moving there again.

@mvo I’ve merged #2932 and we also have some discussion going about core plug/slots which looks critical enough to be 2.24 material.

Do we have an ETA for 2.24 in --candidate?

We want it out today, the blocker currently is: Duplicate plug/slot names inside the core snap

Can you try to make sure that makes it into snapd 2.24 as well? I can’t build the Fedora package without it.

Hey @Conan_Kudo, happy to pull it in if it is ready, right now tests are failing though.

@Conan_Kudo @mvo The change doesn’t work across different distributions. Libtool/autotools really suck. I am trying to find a different way right now.

Test results with the core snaps at beta:


Great, thanks Federico. Can we now begin the Candidate testing cycle?

snapd 2.24 is also pending push to Fedora testing updates repository:

Do we have a markdown-formatted set of notes that describe the changes from 2.23.6 to 2.24 that I could put into the update notes?


@JamieBennett yes, the retry on i386 was good

Thanks a lot for pushing 2.24! I put the release notes in github Here are the release notes and there is also an announcement draft here: Released: snapd 2.24

Status update, I’ve moved part of the validation done at the candidate stage to beta, so that we have stronger validation earlier and not promote potentially invalid snaps. The tests moved to beta are the automated suite execution on instances with the core snap refreshed from the revision in the last stable image to the new core, currently running, I’ll post here the results.

Hello Federico,

Any updates on this release?


Hello Ara, the validation is good so far and we have the description of the process executed previously at the candidate stage, hopefully the snaps will be promoted to candidate very soon. I’ll post here any status change.


We are planning to promote to candidate tomorrow morning. From there we will document the testing cycle and release to stable after a call for testing and subsequent results. Let us know if you have hard deadlines or are looking for a particular feature in this release and we can work on a more specific timeline for you.