Improving our snap "Call for testing" posts

It’s been great to see an uptick in the number of calls for testing of new snaps in the store! Thanks everyone for posting and participating in testing. I think we can improve things though. Currently we tend to put out a simple post which details the way to install the application, but usually doesn’t cover the explicit things that need testing, nor specify what environments it would be good to test in. Recently we’ve seen some apps which work fine on the developer laptop, but not on someone elses machine, or in a VM. I think we should have a bit more rigour here, but still keep the process lightweight and not onerous. So my proposal is this, two templates. One for people requesting and one for people reporting success/failure.

What do you think?

Call for testing post


One line description of what the application does, to set user expectations. Also mention if any external resources are required to test, such as online accounts, decent 3D card, or geographic locks which may be in place.

How to install

Step by step install instructions which specify the snap install command line

Requested Setups

List systems where it would be great to test. For example we sometimes find applications work perfectly on Intel but not nVidia systems. Would make sense for the snap creator to mention here systems they don’t have access to. Some examples:-

  • Ubuntu LTS or non-LTS release
  • Ubuntu flavour or derivative name
  • VirtualBox
  • On machine with nVidia proprietary driver card

Specific tests

List here specific things that need testing.

Test result

Description of success or failure condition.

Output of “snap version”

Link to pastebin of log when running the application from the terminal.

Output of “dmesg” when application is launched, which can be useful when debugging confinement issues.