Improve Snap Store search speed (desktop)

At various times there is a delay to load a search for an application or game in the snap store, just the button is loading for a long time

have you tried the snap-store from the preview/candidate channel yet ? it contains the new upcoming store that is a complete re-write …


That snap-store is really a good one, even in alpha stage it is more stable than Pamac by Manjaro. The gui looks awesome. Just lags a good way to manage codecs and drivers.

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Yes, I using preview/candidate too and problem persist bro.

He made a mistake, it’s preview/edge

candidate is actually newer than edge according to snap info, which is why i pointed there …

the preview version is breezing fast here and even shows search results immediately already while i type in the search term … weird that is is slow for you given it has a completely different back-end compared to the slow gnome-software one that was used before.

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Sorry about that, I think he is searching debs