ImportError in a ROS2 snap for core22

Hello Everyone

I am working on ROS2 Humble project that I am planning on deploying on a RaspberryPi running Ubuntu Core. I got some warnings while building the project snap package, but it built successfully. Below is the build prompt:

I installed the snap package and try to test it but I got the following errors: Link to log file

And I don’t know what to do. Please Help Thank you

this is not an error and you can just turn off the message if it bothers you, see:

your runtime issue is also not related to this, your snap seems to not ship libblas or you are missing the necessary LD_LIBRARY_PATH entry to find it in the /atlas subdir of your library path … just add the necessary bits to your apps: environment: block and you should be good …

here is an example where i use libblas:

This worked. Thank you so much @ogra :slightly_smiling_face: