I created my first app and I am wondering how to get featured!

Hello, I created a cool triangle wallpaper generator app. I noticed its got about 200 installs so far, which has blown my mind. The Snapstore is really cool and has enabled me to make a free and open source app and share it with FOSS linux lovers everywhere.

I was wondering how I could have it featured for a few days to increase visibility since this seems to be one of those apps that most people don’t even know exists without going looking for it. I have posted to Hacker News and Reddit but ideally I would have it show up on featured for a few days.

Additionally, more users means more people will bring any issues or enhancements to my attention and I can continue to improve the app and make it even more useful to people.

Get it from the Snap Store

Source code here: VictorioBerra/trianglify-desktop-wallpaper

It is cross platform desktop wrapper around an FOSS triangle generator library called qrohlf/trianglify


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There used to be an thread where you could request this, E.G, Call for Suggestions: Featured snaps Friday 25th September 2020

I haven’t seen it make the rounds in quite a while though, but the featured apps list still seems to get updated every 2 weeks or so, so I assume someone is crawling through and picking on what looks interesting, this might be enough to get their attention ;).

Nice app btw!

Thanks! I appreciate it. I will keep an eye out for more of those featured snap threads.

Neat! Dev advocate for Canonical community team here o/ I’ll make sure this one gets featured next time we do the shuffle :grin:

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Thanks a lot! That is very exciting!!

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I spy with my little eye…
Something beginning with Trianglify!


Front and centre in Ubuntu-Software too :wink:

Nice app @VictorioBerra :blush:


Wow that is very exciting! Thanks so much for doing this!

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