Human review required for docker plug


I’m trying to make a private snap, that is using Docker, by following this example:

However when I try to build the snap, it get’s rejected with the following:

  • 0 Warnings
  • 50 Passes
  • 1 Fail: human review required due to ‘allow-installation’ constraint (bool) declaration-snap-v2_plugs_installation (ozwdaemon, docker)

I’ve tried to dig through the documentations, but can’t find any information that the plug «docker» requires a manual (human) review? Am I missing something?

This is expected to get a manual human review, someone will comment on the review and probably ask you to make a forum post requesting allow-installation and/or allow-auto-connection for the docker plug in your snap, along with an explanation of what the snap is doing and why it needs access to docker.

As such, I’ve moved this post to #store-requests where the relevant folks will see it


Thanks. As I couldn’t find information regarding review on the docker interface, such you will find for «personal-files interface»

The personal-files interface […] For distribution via the Snap store, consumers of this interface require an approved snap declaration.

… I assumed it wasn’t the case for docker…

But it might be the «default-provider» part that is triggering the manual review?

EDIT: I also guessed that «devmode apps» that relies in the edge channel wouldn’t need approval until the app is planned to move to one of the “more stable” channels, og go public (the app is private).

no, it is the fact that docker (as well as lxd) could be run as privileged container providers (completely depending on the host configuration indeed) which effectively could allow you to be able to take over the host …

so this interface is kind of super-privileged. all interfaces like this need manual approval for security reasons

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Ah, ok :slight_smile: The documentation is quite vague on this part, so sorry for not knowing. :smiley:

This is the «OpenZWave Daemon» that Home Assistant is using for «Zwave 2 mqtt» integration. Home Assistant has a built-in Z-wave module, but they are moving towards the Z-wave over MQTT solution as it doesn’t require a restart of the Z-wave network every time Home Assistant need a restart. Which is frankly quite often when you make changes.

I guess it’s possible to make a snap that doesn’t use docker, but I though it wouldn’t be necessary to invent the wheel again - instead use on the publicly available software.

@degville could you update the docker interface to mention that it too requires an approved snap declaration? The same snippet from the personal-files interface mentioned above should be sufficient I think

will do - thanks for letting me know.

Edit: done.



I’ve changed the snap to not use Docker and the request is no longer relevant.

Thanks for your help!

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