HTTP status code 403 snapstore

I am not able to install software from the snap store. I am also not able to search from the command line. snap find eric6 throws the following error cannot search: got unexpected HTTP status code 403 via GET to “


Having the same issue with the apps in Snap, I have tried to refresh, kill the app and reopen it, but nothing worked.

I received the same status code, except for the last word, which was my search term. Which distro are you using? I’m using Winbuntu (on this hard drive) and would like to know if it’s a Winbuntu thing, or if this is happening with other distros.

Heck, I’ll boot up one of my other distros, try the same thing, and let y’all know what I find.

I think there was a temporary issue with the store, as I was also hitting a 501 when trying to install snaps a few minutes ago.

error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Download snap "ufw" (501) from channel "stable" [...] read: connection reset by peer