HTTP Response 503 when installing Anbox

I’m trying to install Anbox on my KDE Neon 5.12.6 with the following command:

sudo snap install --devmode --beta anbox

And getting the bellow error:

error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Download snap “anbox” (92) from channel “beta” (received an unexpected http response code (503) when trying to download…

Same happen if I use --edge instead of --beta

According to Anbox site this is the correct way to have it installed.
snap install anbox-installer is deprecated and do not work anymore.

I also tried samething on my Boy’s machine (Ubuntu 17.0.4) with same results.
I asked for help on Anbox’s telegram group, and they told me to came here.
Any Ideas guys?

That shouldn’t happen. Sounds like an issue with the store, to me.

If this is reproducible for you (I can install anbox from the beta channel here in the UK), could you please follow the steps outlined in Extremely slow snap downloads and paste the logs on e.g.

I did the following steps:

$ sudo systemctl edit snapd.service

[Service] Environment=SNAPD_DEBUG=1 SNAPD_DEBUG_HTTP=7

$ sudo systemctl restart snapd.service

As stated on ‘Extremely slow snap downloads’ post, but when I tried again the

sudo snap install --devmode --beta anbox

It worked just fine. Not sure what has fixed that, but now I have the app up and running. :slight_smile:

If I understood correctly, the steps on the other post were just for enabling a more detailed log. But after that the problem I was facing is gone.

I’m sorry you hit this problem, if you can reproduce it, please do share the logs.

In the meantime, we’re working on getting better insight into our CDN behaviour to be able to better diagnose these types of errors.

I had this problem on two consecutive days, but in the third, it worked just fine. Same behavior in 2 different machines. For now, I’m not able to reproduce it anymore, but if I face the same issue again I will share the logs for sure. Thanks by the quick response, and good support. :slight_smile:

FWIW, I hit this issue numerous times today in Seattle, WA for the conjure-up snap:

snap install conjure-up --classic
error: cannot perform the following tasks:

I retried several times and it persisted before eventually succeeding without any changes on my end. It it helps, here’s what my DNS entry shows for that hostname currently:


Saw the same issue. Seemed to fix itself after a few minutes but this is what wget showed:

▶ wget -v\?token\=REDACTED
--2018-09-10 18:16:40--
Connecting to||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 503 first byte timeout
2018-09-10 18:17:41 ERROR 503: first byte timeout.

Our CDN was having trouble with some bigger snaps from around 23:45 UTC yesterday, not long before fleish’s report of a 503. I think I’ve fixed the problem, and I’ll keep a close eye on the error metrics, but do let us know if you see it still happening.

Sorry to revive an old thread.

I just encountered this issue. Went ahead and followed the steps to capture logs posted here:

At the time that I experienced the issue I had 2 physical boxes locally on 2 separate networks exhibiting the same symptoms. One was Xenial, the other Bionic. In the Bionic box I originally discovered the issue while installing the juju snap in an lxd container.

During the symptom I ssh’d to a droplet I have on a west coast digital ocean cloud and confirmed the issue there as well.

I gave it a few minutes after trying several times and came back. Then the issue was resolved.

I am UTC -10 FYI if the timestamps help you cross refrence CDN network logs.

I encountered a 503 error today when trying to snap install mailspring. Here’s my debug log:

I tried several times and continued to get 503. I tried several hours later and the install worked successfully.

I am UTC -8