Howto build an GNOME-application with "gnome-3-28-1804-sdk"?

Hi there,

how to i build an application/library with the “gnome-3-28-1804-sdk”? I’m trying to build the git-version of “libhandy”:

    plugin: meson
    meson-parameters: [-Dtests=false , -Dexamples=false, -Dglade_catalog=disabled, -Dvapi=false]
    source-type: git
      - gnome-3-28-1804-sdk/edge

This does not work. “snapcraft” is complaining that it cannot find the snap:

Failed to install or refresh a snap: ‘gnome-3-28-1804-sdk’ does not exist or is not available on the desired channel ‘edge’. Use snap info gnome-3-28-1804-sdk to get a list of channels the snap is available on.

name:      gnome-3-28-1804-sdk
summary:   Library bundle for developers of GNOME applications
publisher: Ken VanDine
license:   GPL-3.0
description: |
  This snap contains only the necessary libraries required by
  GNOME applications.
snap-id: OTPjSLKayIPxQjbvxHrLYYZ6plf3PyXh
  stable:    –                                                
  candidate: –                                                
  beta:      –                                                
  edge:      3.28.0-59-g37593e0.37593e0 2019-05-30 (39) 260MB -

FWIW, I tried this as well and experienced the same.