How to use third party sofware in a snap


I am doing an app to use inside my job. This app uses a javascript beautifier (js-beautify) installed via pip. If I want my snap in the stable channel it must be in strict mode. But, when in strict mode, my snap cant reach js-beautify

I know, I can install js-beautify as part of my snap (in other PART), but again, what if the final user wants to use another beautifier? I have to package every external app/script I need? Can I do it via some plug?

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Hey @alejandro.vera,

Your snap can be both stable, and classic - depending on your use case.

The process for getting this is described here:

Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps

Yes… I know… I asked for it last year

But I could not get to be published as classic. The snap is only to be used in my job, but I was told that if we change the private to public, it could be a risk… I understand that. That why I ask this way

For now, I can do that, but what happens to software that need third party scripts configured by the final users?

For internal tools you would have the best experience using a brand store:

Short of that, you could have a content interface that would share the beautifier binary - but then you’d have to snap all the beautifiers separately anyway - so maybe it really is better to snap up all those that you support?

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Thanks. For now I can package all I think my users will need. And I will study the brand store option again. I view it a year ago but now it can be a better option