How to overlay 1-wire interface on rpi gpio pins?

We need to have a use case where we need to enable 1-wire on some gpio pins for our sensors.

I found this information but I think it’s only relevant to raspian:

Also, since we are planning to eventually build custom core gadget snap for this, it would be nice to know how to specify this in the gadget snap so that this doesn’t need to be done manually.

if you create your own gadget you can also just create your own config.txt in it and set dtoverlay=w1-gpio

the modprobe should not be needed, typically our kernel automatically loads the necessary modules when an overlay is enabled.

that said … i dont think we do have an interface for 1-wire devices at all currently, that might require a feature request for snapd to add one … so you can access the pins from a snap package.


@ogra where would I post that feature request, on these forums in the snapd category? Or is there some other place to do it?

Either the snapd category, a bug at OpenID transaction in progress

or even both :slight_smile: