How to make ps-postscript-app working with thermal printers

I am currently trying to make Custom thermal printers working on an Ubuntu Core instance running cups and ps-postscript-app snaps. I have understood that PPD files have to be snapped into printer applications, but I didn’t find the right way for doing it. Can anybody point me out any documentation or “how to guide”?

This is the thermal printer I am working on: From this page you can get PPD and CUPS filter files.

Starting from ps-printer-app yaml file, I’ve successfully snapped PPDs and filters for my thermal printers. I’ve put PPDs in usr/share/ppd/ directory and filters in usr/lib/thermal-printer-app/filter/. However, when I try to add the USB connected printer I get “Unable to use that driver” error message. Is there anything I am missing for making it works?

perhaps @till.kamppeter as the maintainer of the cups snap can give you some hints into the right direction here …

Sorry, I somehow did not get the notification and only see it now.

Are all interfaces correctly connected? Especially the raw-usb one? Note that you have created a completely new Snap and so you have to connect the interfaces manually, at least the “dangerous” ones which are generally not automatically connected. Auto-connecting is not inherited from the original Snap.

No worries. My apologies for being so on late as well. I actually paused this project and containerized everything with Docker, but I will try to get back on it soon. I double check what you suggest and I let you know.