How to make other Windows apps available in snap?

I’ve been using TextPad for the past 15 years as my only text editor in Windows. Is it possible to adapt it to Linux with snap? Although I am a registered user with a licence, but because this is not free software, is this an obstacle to availability?


I guess you have to make a wine-based Snap. This thread might give you some hints:

  1. Snap Wine based application
  2. Snapcraft.yaml on Github

Yes. For someone to publish a snap of the app to the store, they would need permission to make and distribute copies. Those rights are reserved to the copyright holder by default, so this would require permission from the original developer if it is not already allowed by their license terms (which I can’t see a copy of on their website).

@joachimmg, much thanks for the help.

Thank you both for the quick replies. I am sure that TextPad would not permit it’s use without the purchase of a license. I asked because I tried Textpad in Wine last year but it often crashed, so I gave up. But, in Wine, I just entered the license and it was accepted.

Now, I Installed snapcraft’s Notepad++ which is very close, but still lacks some of TextPad’s features. That is why I asked.

I can recommend sommelier-core to create a snap of a Windows application. It makes it very easy to do that, in my opinion. I maintain it, but it’s based on a lot of work of other people in this community.

However, if the application doesn’t work in Wine, then you won’t be able to use sommelier-core because it just uses Wine for the actual compatibility layer.

Much thanks for the sommelier-core link. Both TextPad versions 7 and 8 are used in Wine by others. I gave up because of time constraints. Just couldn’t devote the time required to tracking down and resolving issues, even though I was certain that they were resolvable.