How to login locally to Raspberry Pi 3?

Hi all,
apologies already for all I don’t know… Newbie speaking.

I have a Raspberry Pi 3B (not the newest 3+), running as a with now discontinued WDlabs harddisk.

Now I’m facing issues such as loosing ssh connectivity (and any Nextcloud response).

To be able to track down further what’s this is about, I’d wonder if it helps to log in and look at logs with a screen and keyboard.

How to activate this login?
(is this called a console login?)

Reading here ( I would do sudo passwd <account name>
Is this advisable in that context? Any consequences that should stop me to do that?

Many thanks indeed

sudo passwd $USER

Then you can login locally with your user and whatever password you set. I do this on my Ubuntu Core machines so I can login locally.

Thanks! Just to clarify: This would be the one user I’m also using for ssh login with keys at Ubuntu-SSO?
As I understand no other user would be defined, right?

Correct. This will set a local password for the one account.

thanks for the info, and the link provided by @geolr. really appreciated. :grin:

yeah its the correct method to login locally :wink: