How to install latest bluez

I am running ubuntu core 16 and trying to install bluez snap version 5.50 and above. I can see there is a latest version available in track 20/xxx from snap info bluez.

$ sudo snap info bluez
name:      bluez
summary:   Bluez for Ubuntu
publisher: Canonical✓
license:   GPL-2.0
description: |
  no description
snap-id: JmzJi9kQvHUWddZ32PDJpBRXUpGRxvNS
  latest/stable:    5.48-1     2020-07-13 (229) 4MB -
  latest/candidate: 5.48-1     2020-07-08 (229) 4MB -
  latest/beta:      5.48-1     2020-07-03 (229) 4MB -
  latest/edge:      5.48-2-dev 2020-07-10 (240) 4MB -
  20/stable:        –
  20/candidate:     –
  20/beta:          5.53-1     2020-06-25 (217) 5MB -
  20/edge:          5.53-2-dev 2020-07-14 (247) 5MB -

However when I try to install from the channel 20/edge I get the error

error: snap "bluez" is not available on 20/edge but is available to install on the following

       latest/stable     snap install --stable bluez
       latest/candidate  snap install --candidate bluez
       latest/beta       snap install --beta bluez

       Please be mindful that different tracks may include different features. Get more information
       with 'snap info bluez'.

So the question is how to install the snaps from other tracks/channels.

you can run snap install bluez --channel=20/edge

If your device is using a brand store, then you may need to ignore the brand store’s validation which gates which snaps your device can install/refresh to by default, see snap refresh --help and try

snap refresh bluez --ignore-validation --channel=20/edge

Thanks @toto but that’s not working.

Thanks @ijohnson. THis works

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