How to input chinese in snap firefox


I can not input chinese in snap firefox. Somebody can help me?


What input method are you using? Is it Sogou?


Note to self (and others interested in investigating the issue): things to check, suggested by an IME expert (thanks bochecha for the crash course on IMFs and IMEs on #gnomefr).

  • does the GNOME platform snap include the IMF toolkit connector (ibus-gtk3)?
  • does the sandbox allow the app to talk to the ibus daemon (flatpak has a mini-ibus that exposes the name org.freedesktop.portal.ibus on the session bus)


The desktop-legacy and unity7 interfaces allow various input methods, including ibus, but nothing for org.freedesktop.portal.ibus since at the time of interface creation, that wasn’t available. If org.freedesktop.portal.ibus is now available, please provide a snap that uses it with directions on how to use it and we can add it somewhere, possibly to the desktop plug if it is safe to use (since IIRC that was the goal of the portal).


no. Just ubuntu default input.


I do not understand what you said. My input is ubuntu 16.04 default.


Input methods in desktop snaps is being discussed in another thread (all snaps are currently affected, not just firefox).


still not work
still not work
still not work
still not work


still not work
still not work
still not work
still not work



Version 60.0b13-1 in the beta channel (revision 79) does support Chinese input (tested with ibus-cangjie). This is because the snap was built against a recent version of the desktop helpers.


Thanks very much. god bless you!