How to include apt in ubuntu 18.04 image

How can i add the apt to my Ubuntu 18.04 image below is my json file:

      "type": "model",
      "authority-id": "9J3P2BX7g8sU6A1xWGDQhC",
      "brand-id": "9J3P2BX7g8sU6A1xWGDQhC",
      "series": "16",
      "model": "ubuntu-core-18-pi-arm64",
      "display-name":"Ubuntu Core 18",
      "architecture": "amd64",
      "base": "core18",
      "gadget": "pc=18",
      "kernel": "pc-kernel=18",
      "required-snaps": ["core", "usbmode-switch","easy-openvpn","fast"],
      "timestamp": "2022-02-02T10:43:16+00:00"

even if you managed to create a snap of apt and install it on an UbuntuCore image, it would not be usable …

Ubuntu Core is a snap based OS and does not support deb packages or apt. Software you want to add/deploy on any Ubuntu Core device needs to be packaged as a strict snap (classic snaps are also not supported on Ubuntu Core for security reasons) …

if you want to use apt for i.e. development on Ubuntu Core, install the lxd snap and run a container. inside the container shell you can then use apt (i.e. to build snap packages for the Ubuntu Core host system)

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