How to enable arm64 builds?

I saw now supports arm64 builds when I created a new snap repository and enable auto builds for it. But I haven’t found a way to enable those builds for existing snaps that I have published. How to do that ?

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i recently learned you need to delete the whole setup for the branch in and re-create it from scratch to have it pick up new arches …

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What @ogra said but not quite as dramatic. Go to and sign in. Click the little dustbin next to the entry.


Then click the green button at the top to re-add it.


Will take a few moments, then a new build will start, with the additional build targets enabled. This will also enable the daily builds feature.

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I kind of feel we should have done this in bulk. But that will happen when we finish setting things up for the new architectures specification, so it may not be worth doing it now.

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