How to autorun console application over HDMI

I would like my console application to run at Ubuntu Core startup over HDMI monitor. Configuring app as a daemon when crafting snap makes it autorunning, but without any console. How configure it to use particular console (e.q. /dev/tty1 for Raspberry Pi3)?

Are you interested in a text mode console application or a graphical application?

Text mode application.

make it “daemon: simple” in your snapcraft.yaml and it should auto-start as daemon on system startup …

(for graphical apps you need a bit more (install mir-kiosk/-libs and have the app be able to talk to mir))

Thanks for answer! Making “daemon: simple” makes it auto-start, but over no TTY/console ("?" is “ps -e” output).
The question is how to make app use some TTY (e.q. /dev/tty1 is displayed over HDMI).

Try to make it use the framebuffer interface (dont forget to connect it, i dont think it auto-connects), IIRC that allows access to the tty …